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I quite like Van Morrison - and I'm always looking for any shows I don't have before 1999

otherwise I'm not trading actively right now

Please email me if you can help me with any shows before1999

I use quality blanks burnt using Nero or EAC with no gaps between tracks (DAO) and nothing written on the discs

I extract (rip) audio (wav) using EAC and use Nero to verify flac discs

Please don't send me mp3 unless there is no better source

I post out 1st class in the UK and Air Mail elsewhere in protective packaging but not jewel cases

because thats how I do it I like my trade discs to arrive the same way

If you are not satisfied with a trade in any way I will do my best to correct it by replacement or a substitute disc

This is ''just a hobby'', I have all (as far as I know anyway) all Van's officially released material and urge you to start buying all the stuff you don't have before starting on a collecting merry go round. Please remember that any hobby can become addictive and deleterious to your own well being and to those people around you that still value your company!

You Have Beem Warned!

Nothing is for sale


Astral Weeks 1968


email charlie


---Moondance 1970 -- ---- ---- ------- Band And Street Choir 1971--- -----Tupelo Honey 1971-- ----- ----- --Saint Dominic's Preview 1972


Some Van Artwork

Download this video from Van's preformance at Nob Hill Masonic, San Francisco, June 9th, 2005 :

Celtic New Year

Trade Freely.......Never For Sale......Share Widely........Never For Sale....Trade Only.......Never For Sale......Share Widely........Never For Sale....Trade Only......

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